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A deep dive into Scope 3 emissions sources and decarbonization levers for a global cloud infrastructure company

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Tackling supply chain decarbonization


A global cloud infrastructure business wanted to improve its understanding of Scope 3 emissions at a company-wide and divisional level. Their aim was to support supply chain engagement through the identification of key suppliers and create a set of practical decarbonisation levers.

Previous internal attempts at prioritisation of decarbonisation actions had been limited by the volume and complexity of data, especially for a business with multiple divisions and sales regions. The company had commitments to Net Zero in both operations and value chain and wanted to demonstrate progress and focus future efforts.


Project highlights


Methodology review

Data consolidation

Supplier emissions breakdown

Decarbonisation roadmap


Content to drive engagement with suppliers

Identification of value-at-stake in transition

Outline of reductions required and levers to achieve it


Key data improvements for future reporting



Provided data sets were reviewed to understand the methodologies used to estimate emissions and highlight any areas to be improved upon. We compiled and cleaned up the source data and consolidated it into one file to allow for a more efficient analysis of previously very large data sets.


We produced an analysis of Scope 3 emission by category and sales region and showcased key suppliers for each region to engage.

Emphasised was the need to move towards supplier-specific emissions data and we quantified the benefits of such a change. A high-level Scope 3 emissions reduction roadmap was developed and sized the impact of key decarbonisation levers including supplier engagement, renewable energy, and offsetting.



The client received analysis, data and content to support engagement with top suppliers to accelerate and quantify the impact of supplier decarbonization initiatives and programmes.

Furthermore, we outlined the reductions required to meet near-term emissions targets and the key levers that could deliver them. This was coupled with a blueprint for a more holistic Scope 3 programme for the organisation to consider implementing.

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