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Data Cable Installation

A pathway to action for a global network operator and managed services provider 

Laying the foundations of a transformative 
ESG program


The client began its sustainability journey in 2023 by aligning with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals, getting leadership to commit to ESG efforts and adopting several environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies.

Faced with growing pressure from clients and investors to demonstrate credibility on ESG, the client needed a structured approach to identify and address material topics and a clear rationale to earn investor confidence.


Driving action on ESG would require a prioritised approach, metrics and targets to focus and drive efforts and an ESG program to manage the integration of ESG with operations.


Project highlights



Double materiality assessment

Targets and monitoring

ESG business case


Identified prioritised ESG topics

Set challenging, yet achievable targets

Quantified financial impact of ESG programme

Facilitated ESG programme into mobilisation and implementation



Double materiality

We conducted an in-depth double-materiality assessment with inputs from key internal and external stakeholders to identify and prioritise the ESG topics most relevant to the client.

Business case

To link the ESG program with commercial operations we
quantified the financial impact of ESG initiatives, highlighting revenue protection and grow
th opportunities, cost savings and investment requirements.


Targets and monitoring

Through baselining exercises and competitor benchmarking, we developed metrics and targets to measure and drive progress on prioritized topics such as carbon emissions, renewable energy and diversity, equity and inclusion.

ESG program structure

To facilitate the ESG program into mobilisation and
implementation, we designed a high-level program structure, identifying key initiative timeline across the next 3 years.



With Ampersand’s support, the client was able to achieve clarity on its ESG priorities and targets and get leadership and investors on board. The business case and ESG program structure
provided a picture of the financial opportunities and set a pathway for action.


With the foundations of an ESG program in place, the client is in a better position to meet its customer expectations and gain a competitive advantage through sustainability.

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