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We are management consultants bringing strategic clarity and execution momentum to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, regenerative economy.

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Accelerated Impact

Momentum from day one, swift delivery, and concrete results.

Hitting targets, building capacity, and preparing for the future.` 

Flexible and pragmatic support - a little less presentation, a little more action.


Targeted and flexible support

We help our clients on both strategy and execution across Consumer products and retail, Energy, infrastructure and industrials and Financial services.

We draw on best practice to design a consulting approach that works for you, and focus on the critical tasks, leveraging your team as much as possible.

By working closely with your team, we use a light touch to enable execution, while maintaining maximum ownership.

We constantly seek inspiration for our clients from leaders and experts on how to over-perform. Through Conversations with Ampersand, we want to share our network's insights on leadership, innovation and sustainability.

Do you want to boost your client impact and enjoy more freedom?

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