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Finance and Insurance

The financial services and insurance sectors are undergoing a revolution, if not an uprising. Powerful forces require change: technology, sustainability, regulation and behaviours have reshaped the competitive landscape and right to win.

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Technology-based strategy and growth: Fintech, insurtech, wealthtech


Digital strategy & transformation


Culture and behaviours: Data based diagnostic, top-down and

bottom-up transformation


Sustainability, Net Zero, and ESG Investing

Conversations in Finance and Insurance

Has Covid-19 accelerated the disruption of the Insurance Industry? Can the sector survive such catastrophic threats? How are incumbents transforming themselves?

James Platt, Chief Operation Officer of Aon, joins Fabienne Konik and Kelvin Malayapillay to discuss the future of insurance and the demands on its Global Leadership.

How disruption happens: Laka is revolutionising bike insurance. Hear thoughts from CEO Tobias Taupitz on how flipping insurance around in favour of consumers is riding on deep personal sustainability and mobility trends.

“Empathy and attention to the personal and emotional circumstances of my employees has become infinitely more important.”

Natasha Kuznetsova, Family Office MD and entrepreneur, shares the powerful leadership lessons she’s learned during the Covid crisis to empower her team and connect with them beyond work.

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Homy Dayani-Fard


Financial services, Digital transformation


Fabienne Konik


Financial services, Wealth & Insurance

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Kelvin Malayapillay


Financial services, Insurance, Fintech, AI

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