A competition to mobilise landlords and occupiers around energy performance


Decarbonisation starts with using less energy

Reducing energy usage is the first and most effective step towards low carbon buildings.

Aligning usage and operations deliver the highest return on investment, yielding large gains with minimal costs. It also provides crucial input to better design future upgrade projects.

Operators and occupiers need to work together

Many commercial buildings are still highly wasteful despite design efforts


There is currently no correlation between design (EPC) ratings and actual energy efficiency


Some recently built, low carbon certified buildings show energy use twice above net zero compatible targets

Overall, UK offices use around 250% more energy than achievable best practice






Understand usage

The primary driver of energy performance is aligning building management to user behaviour

Generate improvement ideas

Leverage occupiers’ intimate knowledge of their space

Make an impact

Occupiers are keen to get involved both as individuals and sustainability- minded businesses

YET, historically, cooperation between landlords and occupiers on energy efficiency is difficult...

Image by Charles Forerunner

CUBE creates the ideal catalyst to engage with occupiers

A competition in which occupiers and landlords team up across the UK to compete on energy efficiency improvement based on their building historic baseline

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Join the competition,

the race is on

Buildings lined up around the country. Occupiers and landlords side by side. One year to win, monthly rankings

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Jump start a productive journey

A process, toolkit and guidance to drive improvement, from forming all hands ‘green teams’ to scoring the big wins

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Share the glory

Awards ceremony, regular events, press and social media to spread the word far and wide and achieve greater impact

CUBE has a proven formula and strong track record

Operating for 

5 years


12 countries


keep green teams

beyond the competition and continue improvement plans


participants achieve


savings in the first year

Kick off in October 2021, join now and start preparing