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Market shifts and challenges are accelerating in an already fast paced industries. Technology is revolutionising everything from multi-channel marketing and customer intimacy to supply chain. Its takes both long term clarity and agility, and new thinking.


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Sustainability and Net Zero

Conversations in Retail and Consumer Goods

Want to take a few easy steps towards a greener planet and a healthier diet? Great conversation between Ayse Sarikaya CarpenterZac Peake, and Michael Haase about the inspiration behind his sustanability-driven startup Plant Jammer.

Plant Jammer is an AI-driven app that gives you inspiration for your cooking and meal planning, with the aim of reducing food waste, helping the environment, improving your diet, and enabling you to have fun in the kitchen! 

Michael shares some of his inspiration, lessons from leading a startup, and the technology behind the app. 

Mike Barry, sustainability expert and former Director of Sustainable Business at M&S, shares his brilliant insight on why sustainability is no longer an option - and how executives can get it right.

Committing to net zero is the first step into an exciting, and often uncertain, journey towards delivering results. It is therefore key to continuously learn while pushing the boundaries of ambition.


Ayse Sarikaya Carpenter


Consumer goods, Medtech

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Zac Peake


Hospitality, Real estate, Retail

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Sustainability and Net Zero

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