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Sustainability and Net Zero

Sustainability is reshaping the game. It is no longer about compliance, good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or ticking Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) boxes, it is about preparing for the stakeholder economy and a radical shift in the economic model. ESG and Net Zero are mainstream. What comes next? On a changing playing field leaders will endeavour to be ahead of the game and falling behind will be fatal.

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Net Zero: A critical question across industries, requiring clarity of purpose, ambition and approach. What is the decarbonisation rationale? How is it embedded in strategy and organisation? What is the optimal pathway? Net zero comes with opportunities. It is crucial to keep up with peers, and even capture an early mover’s advantage.

Energy Efficiency: The first step towards net zero has high returns when it starts with understanding usage and tenant engagement. Ampersand is the UK organiser or the CUBE energy efficiency challenge, where landlord and their tenants team up building by building to deliver short term impact.


Low carbon asset strategies: What is an optimal energy concept, and how is it monetised and optimised on the grid, behind the meter, or off grid?

Conversations in Sustainability and Net Zero

Here is to Building Back Better in 2021: Sustainability in action highlights from our Ampersand conversations.
Many thanks to Mike BarryTamsin LishmanTobias TaupitzMichael Haase and Guillaume Néry for sharing their thoughts and initiatives with us.

Delivering net zero in buildings starts with energy efficiency, followed by flexibility. Whether office, commercial or industrial, AI can help. Many thanks Thomas Anderson for explaining how Grid Edge's machine learning is helping to take carbon out of buildings, and out of the grid.

Insights in Sustainability and Net Zero


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