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Our approach is different in order to provide you with targeted, flexible and high impact support

As contractors, we work side by side with our clients, focussing where we are most relevant. As a network, we make sure we always provide the right combination of methods, experience and expertise.

Targeted, flexible & high impact 


We focus on the critical tasks and leverage your team from day one to maximise value, ownership and capability building.

We bring no-nonsense focus on insight, impact, and deliverability.

You get pragmatic support centred on what you need to accelerate impact at minimum cost.


We work closely with you to co-design the right approach based on your priorities and constraints.

We help you adapt course and can flex our level of support as needed.

Our core network works as an extended team providing systematic peer support and challenge to maximise client impact and value.

High impact

We bring experienced leaders and experts to cut to the chase.

We embed in your team to maximise ownership and learning, and provide hands on execution support where needed.

We tap into the power of today’s networks to get the right mix of consulting brain power and field expertise to accelerate insight.

  • You see more progress and less PowerPoint slides

  • Our senior team actually hits the ground and works by your side

  • We work exclusively for you, not trying to build our influence around the Boardroom

  • Our support level is flexible over time, ramping up or down as needed to provide minimum viable support

  • Our team gets systematic peer support and QC

The Ampersand way

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